Please note that typhoon signal no. 3 is now issued in Hong Kong and signal no. 8 is expected to be hoisted on 3 Sept. Hotel free shuttle services will be suspended once signal no. 8 is hoisted. Please contact hotel directly for the latest information and arrangement. Thank you.

香港現正懸掛3號風球, 預料有機會於9月3日改掛8號風球. 當8號風球懸掛時, 酒店免費穿梭巴士將暫停服務. 請聯絡酒店以得知最新安排. 謝謝.

香港现正悬挂3号风球, 预料有机会于9月3日改挂8号风球. 当8号风球悬挂时, 酒店免费穿梭巴士将暂停服务. 请联络酒店以得知最新安排. 谢谢.