Transportation to Hotel

From Airport to Hotel

  • 45-minute drive from Hong Kong International Airport to hotel (around 40 km / 25 miles)
  • Arrival limousine - 4-seater at US$114/HK$880 per car, 6-seater at US$129/HK$1000 per car. 24 hours advance reservation is required with arrival flight details and valid credit card information
  • Airport coach transfer - at US$19.5/HK$150 per person from 6:30 am to 23:30 pm. / traveling time around 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Airport Express Line - from airport to Hong Kong Station (in Central) at US$13/ HK$100, then get on board the free hotel shuttle bus to hotel between 7:35 am and 8:45 pm. Outside shuttle bus servicing hour, a taxi ride to the hotel from Hong Kong Station is at around US$6 / HK$40 /total traveling time: 45 minutes to 1 hour

From Hung Hom Railway Station to Hotel

  • 15-minute drive to hotel (around 5.5 km / 3.4 miles). Taxi fare at around US$11/HK$80 (including tunnel fee)

From Hong Kong Macau Ferry to Hotel

  • 15-minute drive to hotel (around 4.5km / 2.8 miles). Taxi fare at around US$8/ HK$60
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