Cosmo Hotels Awarded 2012 Hong Kong Business High-Flyers Award
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(Hong Kong, 21 January 2013) This year, Cosmo Hotel Hong Kong and Cosmo Hotel Mongkok are recognized as Best of Best Green City Hotel by 2012 Hong Kong Business High-Flyers Award! This award affirms the winner’s convenient city location and also its outstanding environmentally friendly as well as socially responsible policies. It is a symbol of business excellence not only in Hong Kong but also throughout the Southeast Asian region!

Hong Kong Business High-Flyers Awards Witnesses Business Heroes for a Decade
Hong Kong Business High-Flyer Awards has been giving recognition to business heroes in Hong Kong and Southeast Asian region since 2004. It was an instant success and almost 10 years later until today, its winner is recognized as a symbol of business excellence. The Awards pursues companies with an industry-leading product and also products renowned for its broad representation of diverse industries. It also looks for capacity of innovation, strong brand leadership and marketing, etc. Best of Best in category represents exclusivity of excellence, as there will be 1 and only 1 entrant being awarded in each standalone category.

Most Convenient Location Amidst City Centre – A Unique Adventure for Traveller of Any Kind
At Cosmo Hotel Hong Kong and Cosmo Hotel Mongkok, we understand that location is probably the most important factor in choosing accommodation while on travel. Being Best of Best in Green City Hotel category, our city centre locations are considered unbeatable. 4-star boutique Cosmo Hotel Hong Kong is strategically located in Causeway Bay and only moments away from important commercial hubs in Central, Admiralty and Wan Chai. While same class Cosmo Hotel Mongkok is erected amid Mongkok and Tai Kok Tsui and a stroll away from a mix of old and new Hong Kong. To magnify their central locations advantage to the fullest, both hotels have created personalized services for example a network of shuttle buses. The network covers 6 shuttle routes to 22 popular hotspots around the hotels including Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, International Finance Centre, Ocean Park, Elements, Times Square and other major shopping malls. Making a debut, both hotels pioneered 24-hour check-in check-out service hoping guests can enjoy a full 24-hour stay to explore all aspects of sightseeing, entertainment and night life around the neighborhood and rest of Hong Kong.

A Green and Socially Responsible Hotel to Refresh and Make a Meaningful Journey
Cosmo Hotel Hong Kong and Cosmo Hotel Mongkok care about their guests as well as the community and the earth! A series of green policies are adopted to guarantee for what we do, we are protecting instead of doing harm to the environment. Some green policies include installation of LED lighting to conserve as much as 20% of energy, using of eco-friendly natural refrigerants for the air-con system in order to protect the ozone layer, and effective re-use of linens and towels to save water consumption by a 16%. Both hotels support 100% indoor smoke-free policy and in particular, Cosmo Hotel Hong Kong is the first 100% smoke-free 4-star hotel in Hong Kong. Its Breeze serves as an open patio providing a “oasis in the city” for hotel guests to take a green break.

Not only do we care about saving the planet, we also make substantial amount of effort to facilitate social economic wellbeing for the local community. Having this in mind, the hotels provide internship chances for hospitality students and less fortunate youngsters from organizations like S.K.H. St. Christopher’s Home that offers small group home service for children who cannot receive adequate family care. Developing this notion from within, a One Family Program is launched for the first time in 2012 that aims to extending internship opportunity to teenage children of selected staff members. This program is no better way for the next generation to appreciate and understand more about how their parents do at work. It also serves as a bridge to build harmony and appreciation in the family. Our green and socially responsible policies have as well brought both Cosmo Hotel Hong Kong and Cosmo Hotel Mongkok as Green Globe certified hotels affirming our green and social contribution.

Carry On The Mission Derived From “Beyond Thoughtful. Anytime. Everywhere.”
“The High-Flyers Award has become a very positive encouragement for us. It is telling us that our direction is on the right track and it has given us even more confidence to continue what we have been doing, and further solidify our positioning as an outstanding green city hotel in the region” said Anita Chan, General Manager of Cosmo Hotels, “I believe in to anticipate and act rather than to wait and see. Hence a marketing program Beyond Thoughtful. Anytime. Everywhere. has derived introducing an array of thoughtful services that tug on every guest’s heartstring. We envision in the future, there’ll be only happier guests, and a healthier environment. “

The program solidifies the hotels’ service philosophy by offering thoughtful services such as 24-hour check-in/out service, 24-hour response guarantee, free WiFi service and free shuttle bus service. Other thoughtful policies that have been implemented are 100% smoke-free policy, best online rate guarantee and earlier mentioned eco-friendly and socially responsible policies.